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Graci Muesli,Amazing,Doypack, 400g, Vegan

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Toasted wheat flakes, wholegrain oat flakes, wholegrain triticale* flakes, roasted whole flaxseeds, crushed, dried cranberries, black sesame seeds, freeze-dried whole blackberries, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, dried rose blossom leaves
* Triticale – a crossbreed of wheat and rye, important source of protein, fibre and B-group vitamins

+ Natural source of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc and ironI
+ High fibre
+ Appropriate for vegans.

- No flavour enhancers or artificial colors.

Ingredients: toasted wheat flakes / wholegrain oat flakes / wholegrain triticale* flakes (20 %) / roasted whole flaxseeds / chopped candied big cranberries (2.5 %) (big cranberries, sugar) / black sesame seeds (2 %) / freeze dried whole blackberries (1 %) / freeze dried raspberry pieces (1 %) / dried rose blossom leaves (0.5 %).
* a cereal, wheat-rye hybrid, source of protein and fibre

Weight: 400 g

Graci. Functional muesli, hot cereal and quick meal. Developed in collaboration with scientists and top food researchers from Latvia and Norway. Tested in Germany.
Triticale, developed by scientist Dr. agr. Arta Kronberga, is crossbreed of wheat and rye. It is important source of protein, fibre and B-group vitamins. Graci contains triticale, as well several unusual superproducts, for example, spinach, cornflower, apple and pumpkin, chopped with their seeds and peel, rose blossom leaves and blackberries. Graci is chosen by sportsmen – amateurs and professionals – and ladies who focus on the weight changes and the look. The name of the product highlights its main function.
No flavour enhancers or artificial colors.