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DO YOUR GIN - complete set for making your own gin

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ONE-OF-A-KIND HOMEMADE DRINK - Make 3 bottles of gin at home, easy enough for anyone to learn in an evening. Get creative, enjoy with 4 delicious cocktail recipes or in a smooth gin and tonic drink.
FAST, EASY & FUN - Infuse your alcohol base with our ingredients and get a full flavored mix in less than 2 days! Experience the full botanical flavor of how gin was originally made and meant to be drunk!
CREATE WITH NATURE - 12 exotic botanicals sourced from all over the world for your best gin-making experience! Juniper-berries, pink-pepper, lavender, cardamom, cubebs and many more!
HIGHEST QUALITY, EARTH-FRIENDLY - Designed and created to perfection by brothers Vincent and Leon, a zero-waste product made in Europe with 100% organic, recyclable, biodegradable materials.
PERFECT GIFT-BASKET FOR FOOD-LOVERS - Thrill Dad for Father's Day and Mum for Mothersday with a gin kit that allows them to invent their personal gin character and taste. Best Birthday Gift.

Gin tastes good!

Even better with your personal taste: DO YOUR GIN! Be creative, use premium spices and create your own aroma.

The DO YOUR GIN Set contains the ingredients for your own Craft Gin. Fresh juniper and nine exciting spices in twelve glass tubes are in the box. And two empty bottles with the DO YOUR GIN label for your individual design and a funnel. Three selected recipe suggestions. You buy the alcohol with it (neutral alcohol like vodka or 40%vol diluted alcohol).

This can be experimented with - theoretically more than 370 million different flavours are conceivable with the nine spices. You won't find such an extraordinary taste experience in any industrially produced gin.

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