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Cake Piping Nozzles Kit, 7 pieces

Baking | In stock
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With the Piping Nozzles Kit, you can decorate your cakes and cupcakes with roses, swirls and little dabs of colour. Fill the piping bag with buttercream or cream. Press the cream down through the nozzle, and pull the nozzle slowly upwards. There are 2 Russian nozzles for flowers, 2 star nozzles, and one round nozzle in this kit.

5 nozzle shapes
Includes 2 Russian nozzles for flowers and roses
Nozzles are made of high-quality stainless steel
Plastic adapter
Reusable piping bag

Create beautiful flowers cupcakes with little effort.  Simply get butter cream or cream in pastry bag fill, press Cream vertically through the spout and pull the spout slowly upward. This works and looks great, even if you do not have any exercise with toppings.

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