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Welcome to justdeli.dk

Justdeli.dk is a Scandinavian company located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We are a small group of passionate people with many years’ experience in both B-t-B retail sales and B-t-B & B-t-C online sales.

We are a manufacturing and trading company selling primarily high-quality food-related products. We travel around the world to find our products, so that our customers get a selection which is not mainstream.

Many of our products are ecological, gluten free and vegan friendly.

Categories are the following: Confectionary, Baking, Beverages, Groceries, Special items such as giftboxes for private people, as well as company giftboxes.

We hope you will get inspired by browsing around in the various categories - each category contains further information and extra pictures for you to get inspired by.


The just deli Team.